Warmly welcome indian colleague arrival China headquarters for training lasting one week

    Joylaser, a leading company in the field of laser technology, will begin hosting colleagues from Indian companies for a week of face-to-face professional knowledge training on December 18. The training will focus on the installation of the welding machine, the correct operation of the machine and the troubleshooting of common problems. This comprehensive training will cover all aspects of theoretical knowledge and technical operation of jewelry welding machines and CCD UV marking machines.

    Indian engineers attach great importance to this training as they understand the importance of acquiring in-depth knowledge and skills to enhance their expertise in the field. The training will provide them with a platform to ask any queries they may have and gain a complete understanding of the intricacies of operating the machine.

    Training will begin with the installation of the welding machine, where engineers will learn the necessary steps to accurately set up the machine. They will then delve into the proper and efficient ways to operate the machine, ensuring they are proficient in maximizing the functionality of the equipment.

    Joylaser is committed to ensuring that training is conducted in an orderly manner and each step is clearly explained and demonstrated. Engineers will have the opportunity to perform practical exercises to enhance their understanding of the material covered.

    Overall, the training is expected to provide valuable experience to Indian engineers, providing them with the expertise and confidence to operate jewelry welding machines and CCD UV marking machines effectively. The collaboration between Joylaser and Indian companies highlights the importance of knowledge sharing and professional development in the industry.


Post time: Dec-20-2023