Industrial Optical Fiber Flying Marking Machine

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Optical fiber flying laser marking machine, also known as online optical fiber laser marking machine and optical fiber laser inkjet printer, uses high-quality optical fiber lasers and high-quality optical devices. The beam mode and sealing are good, stable and reliable; The laser life can reach 100000 hours; Flexible optical fiber is more suitable for long-distance transmission and pipeline installation with complex working conditions.

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Industrial Optical Fiber Flying Marking Machine

✧ Machine Features

It is a high-tech product developed and designed by our company for online marking of product packaging in various industries. It supports the super long coding function. The coding content covers numbers, special characters, letters, Chinese characters and LOGO. It can realize continuous and various array coding, and can be edited at will. It is equipped with a special encoder to achieve feedback online speed. According to different parts, it is equipped with various optical fiber sensors for testing. It can be selected according to different needs of customers. It can be combined with the automatic assembly line workbench to meet customer requirements, It is mainly used for online inkjet marking on the surface of various products or external packages. Unlike the traditional laser marking machine, which can only mark static objects, the product flows continuously on the production line during the inkjet marking process, thus greatly improving the production efficiency, making the laser machine adapt to the requirements of industrial production, realizing flow process, and improving production efficiency, It fully realizes the concept that products can be directly warehoused after being offline.

✧ Application Advantages

Assembly line aircraft marking machine is a new generation of laser marking system developed by Jiazhun Laser on the basis of general laser marking. The system applies industrial standardized module design, fiber laser, equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer and beam expander focusing system, highly stable, anti-interference industrial computer intelligent control, high-precision lifting table, realizing 24-hour continuous stable and reliable operation, high marking accuracy, fast speed, continuous operation, etc.

Industrial Optical Fiber Flying Marking Machine

✧ Operation Interface

The software of JOYLASER marking machine needs to be used in conjunction with the hardware of the laser marking control card.
It supports various mainstream computer operating systems, multiple languages, and software secondary development.

It also supports common bar code and QR code , Code 39, Codabar, EAN, UPC, DATAMATRIX, QR CODE, etc.

There are also powerful graphics, bitmaps, vector maps, and text drawing and editing operations can also draw their own patterns.

✧ Technical Parameter

Equipment model JZ-FQT30 JZ-FQT50 JZ-FQT100
Laser type Fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser power 30W /50W/ 100W
Marking range standard configuration 110mmX110mm (optional depending on material). The marking speed is less than 12000mm/s, and the actual marking speed depends on the material
Minimum line width 0.1mm (depending on material)
Minimum character 0.5mm (depending on material)
Support the printing of text information, variable information, serial number, batch number and QR code. Operating ambient temperature External ambient temperature 0-40 ℃, ambient temperature 10% - 90%, no condensation
Working voltage AC110V-220V/50/60Hz

✧ Sample Of Product


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